Hints on where to get a mirrored ball

It's not like you can just pop down the shops and get a chrome sphere. I've searched high and low to find suitable balls. Here's a few hints and tips on places to start your hunt.

The first ball I found was a 5 cm metal ball that I found in a cookery shop, it's just an ornament and the shop couldn't order it in lager sizes. It's a little on the small side and I had to use the digital zoom on my camera to get it to fill the frame,which is like blowing an image up in Photoshop and not acceptable, if I had used the macro to get closer my reflection would have dominated the image.

At the time of writing Christmas is on the way and just by chance I found a tree decoration that was almost perfect. It's just over 8cm in diameter, still a little on the small size but very cheap to experiment with.

Acting on a tip off I started searching garden centres, mirrored globes were used in mediaeval gardens to bring good fortune and prosperity to a household. They are still hard to find though and most places tend to look at you funny when you ask (and don't even try to explain why you want one!). There's a company called Henri Studio that make a lot of garden stuff and they sell 30cm diameter globes called Gazing Globes, I haven't seen one in real life yet but the picture in the catalog looked good, I've ordered on but it may take a while to arrive. Their website doesn't have online ordering or show you the complete catalog, but you should be able to find your nearest stockist.

The large ball in the photo came from on-line gardening supplier Dig-It in the UK (which is where I am). It's 15cm in diameter which is perfect it has a hole with a cork in the bottom to make it easy to put on a stick in the garden. It cost me £18 including postage, I don't know where else they will mail to, but it won't hurt to ask. The box it came in was printed in German (I think) and it's called a Rosenkugel if that helps.