Photographing for CG textures

This is a really basic guide for non 3d artists on how to take photos that can be used as texture maps.

Here is a basic check list that you should run through before you take a shot.

1. Get as 'flat on' to the subject as possible.
2. Use a long lens
, and fill the frame as much as possible
2. No sharp shadows, cloudy days are best.
4. Don't use a flash as it can create inconsistent lighting.

Here are a few examples:

I want to take a picture of the window near the centre of the
photo as a texture. From this viewpoint the window is to small
to be of much use, you need to get closer.

Now we're nice and close but as we are not directly in front of the window
the perspective is going to cause problems. This can be corrected in photoshop,
but this is less than ideal.

Now we're in front of the window but a bit to low, also using a wide angle lens
causes pincushion distortion.

Much better, long lens, flat on to the subject. The only problem is
the crisp shadows.

Perfect. The sun's gone in which gives a much more even illumination.

Another sample, this time a table top.
Nice even illumination of the surface but we need to be
flat on if possible.

Better, but as you can see the shadow across the
surface will create problems.

Perfect the table has been moved out of the sun
so we have a more even illumination.